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One Stop Solution For All Types of Trucks And Trailers

Trusted Truck Sales is a premier dealership located in GTA Canada, serving all the trucking enthusiasts out there, who are looking to purchase new or used trucks and trailers or even sell their existing ones. Our primary areas of service include Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Vaughan, Kitchener, Windsor and Oshawa. As the name suggests, the team at Trusted Truck Sales is committed to delivering an exceptional service, striving to earn our clients’ trust by securing the best deals available, this includes presenting options for financing and refinancing the units.

Truck Sales

We pride ourselves in offering a diverse inventory of trucks which includes top-tier truck manufacturers such as Volvo, Peterbilt, Freightliner, International, Kenworth and many more. From heavy-duty to light-duty trucks, we ensure that our stock meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. We offer a wide range of sub-types like long haul (Highway/Sleeper Trucks), Short Haul (Day Cabs), dump trucks and straight trucks. Additionally, we also provide trailers from companies like Freightliner, Great Dane, Utility, Vanguard, Wabash and Stoughton. Our tailer models include dry vans, temperature control reefer units and carriers.

At Trusted Truck Sales, our mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs in the trucking industry by helping them realize their dreams of launching and growing their own trucking businesses. We are driven by the satisfaction of our clients, and nothing motivates us more than witnessing the joy on their faces when they leave our office saying, “this is my dream come true”! Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in trucking, exploring entrepreneurship opportunities, involving building your own fleet, buying your first truck, or delving into freelancing, our comprehensive range of trucks and trailers for sale make us your ultimate destination. Trusted Truck Sales is your one-stop-shop for all the truck and trailer needs to begin this exciting journey.

From small scale companies to large industries, or even house moving procedures, trucks and trailers serve as the major median for transportation. Despite economic fluctuations and global pandemics, why does Trucking remain the most sought-after profession in North America? The answer is simple: demand for goods is never ending, be it the necessity items like food and house supplies or leisure-related items. Canada’s unique geographical conditions, with its vast landmass and dispersed population, contribute to this ongoing demand. Prepare yourself for incredible deals on truck and trailer sales in Canada! Our pricing is carefully strategized to deliver unmatched value for your hard-earned money. We are honored to assume this task as our own responsibility and are proud to be entrusted with offering you the most competitive prices in the market. To achieve this, we constantly update our offers, ensuring that they reflect the latest trends and provide you with the best possible savings, along with a diverse inventory of trucks.

trailer sales in Canada!

Key features of Trusted Truck Sales:

  • Countless inventory to choose from (Used and new)
  • High-end vehicles
  • Proven mileage and top-notch condition
  • On the spot test drivesTest drives for all vehicles
  • Available all over Canada
  • Timely and reliable services

Trusted Truck Sales always keeps you first and provides the best in services for your dreams to come true.