About Us

Trusted Truck Sales is a recognized North American trucking company that specializes in truck and trailer sales and purchase, and arranging financing and refinancing. We strive to provide an outstanding experience for our customers daily. The top brands that Trusted Truck Sales deals with are Peterbilt, Kenworth, Volvo, Freightliners, and many more. Our network extends across Canada and the United States. We provide services to assist you in shortening the time-consuming process of purchasing and financing a vehicle. We offer the best prices on all high-quality trucks and trailers that will suit all of your needs.

Trucks and trailers are important modes of transportation for importing and exporting products, be it for a small business or a high-end company. The trucking sector is constantly expanding and it serves 52 metropolitan centers in Canada. In 2018, the Canadian trucking industry recorded 26.18 billion Canadian dollars in revenue from domestic shipment activities*. Along with this, the pandemic made self-employment a necessity for everyone, and this is what the trucking industry helps you become– self-reliant. It provides growing opportunity in this tough economy and ever-growing inflation.

To contribute to the growth of Canada, Trusted Truck Sales wishes to create a space where people with a dream of owning a truck and establishing a transportation company with a fleet of trucks and trailers, can buy it without the risk factor of inflated market prices and the hassle of paperwork. We provide complete resources and support needed for purchasing a truck, for it is not just a truck for us it is a dream that we wish to serve our customers. We strive to provide world-class service with a 100% satisfaction rate.

We appreciate each of our client's needs and offer a diverse inventory to choose from.

Key features of Trusted Truck Sales:

  • Countless inventory to choose from (Used and new)
  • High-end vehicles
  • Proven mileage and top-notch condition
  • On the spot test drivesTest drives for all vehicles
  • Available all over Canada
  • Timely and reliable services

Trusted Truck Sales always keeps you first and provides the best in services for your dreams to come true.